I'm an animator and video editor from Anacortes, WA. I've always loved storytelling- as I would play with toys as a kid, my mother would find me looking at them from different angles to emulate the framing I'd see on my favorite shows.  I wasn't playing like a normal toddler; I was operating an imaginary $50,000 camera.  In elementary school, I'd steal my parents' Canon to make stop motion animations with my Lego sets.  In seventh grade, I began learning 2D animation in Adobe Flash (now Adobe Animate).
I pursued the medium all the way through to my college career at Purdue University, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Animation. During this period I created multiple short films, animated and live action, that appeared in 16 different film festivals nationwide and garnered five awards.
After graduation, I built my portfolio through freelance projects. Working with nationally recognized organizations and individuals, I edited and developed graphics for sizzle reels, live event videos, and a daily investing video newsletter.
In January 2022, I started a year-long fellowship with USA Today, where I became responsible for a wide range of video projects in the globally renowned media company's portfolio. I edited footage taken by journalists in the field into compelling video stories, created graphics and branding for multiple stories and series, and even produced two of their first-ever fully animated video stories.
While my work is creatively focused, I endeavor to keep it practical and effective. In 2016, I earned my Eagle Scout award; the learning I received from my Scouting career and Eagle service project have been invaluable towards teaching me to be an effective and efficient project leader and team member.
In my free time I still like to focus on creative endeavors. I'm a hobbyist Lego designer & collector, and I still enjoy making short animations for YouTube. My love of the outdoors hasn't left me since Scouting; I love hiking, camping, and exploring the natural wonders this country has to offer.
Now, I'd like to grow and develop my creative abilities with you and your company! Click below to get in contact, so I can help you tell your story.
Thank you!
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